PDI Company Profile


Company Profile

A World Leader in Interconnect & EMC Products and Solutions

Power Dynamics offers a comprehensive range of interconnect products which are designed and manufactured to meet the application requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide.

Serving the Electronics Marketplace

秒速飞艇网站The industries Power Dynamics serves include computers and computer peripheral equipment, telecommunications, power supplies, medical electronics, automotive, instrumentation, consumer and commercial appliances, home entertainment products, business equipment and data communications.

Global Sales & Distribution Network

秒速飞艇网站Power Dynamics supports its customers through a worldwide network of factory-trained engineers, manufacturers' representatives and authorized stocking distributors. Products offered in our catalog are normally available off-the-shelf from our authorized distributors, who are also supported by an in-depth factory inventory.

Liberal Sampling Policy

Requests for samples of any catalog item are available for engineering evaluation Free of Charge。 Sample requests are serviced by calling (973) 560-0019 or by fax (973) 560-0076。

Engineering Services

秒速飞艇网站Power Dynamics offers advanced engineering, CAD and tooling capabilities to modify or customize interconnect products to meet specific customer requirements. In most cases our design group can take a project from concept to prototype within a matter of weeks.

Quality Control

All quality control procedures are fully documented and available for review。 Power Dynamics is ISO 9001 compliant。

Safety Agency Testing

All Power Dynamics' components are designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with the standards and requirements of international safety testing agencies。 Products offered in our catalog are certified as required by the appropriate international safety testing agency。 Safety agency certification reports are on file at Power Dynamics。 Copies are available upon request。

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